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Nervous music_Metronome

사용자 Nature_^^ 2020. 4. 6. 07:15

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This song is in my 1st album which was released last year but I distribute the instrumental music of the song for free.

저의 1번째 앨범으로 발매했던 노래인데, inst 는 무료로 배포해 드립니다.   



🛒다운로드 (download)  :

Metronome_by nature.mp3



🎧 Track Info

Title: Metronome

Genre and Mood: hip hop & Nervous, Epic, Dark, Magical, Relaxing, Misteri


✔︎ If you want to use this music, 

just leave a link to the author and my channel.

컨텐츠 제작자를 위한 무료 음악 채널이니 마음껏 사용해주시고

사용하실  출처만  남겨주세요^^



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